Monday, July 28, 2008

Back from Canada, Eh?

We returned around 9pm from an AMAZING trip to Canada. I will definitely elaborate later, but it was just fantastic, and i've really come back with a better attitude about a lot of things. I'm ready to tackle whatever comes at work, work through some of my work issues with a refreshed mind, and darnit if i'm not so inspired by the foods we ate on this trip that i'm itching to get in the kitchen and cook up some tasty healthy meals for us!

We have wonderful WONDERFUL friends who hosted us for five nights, and we did a couple of nights on our own as well. We haven't been on a week-long vacation since our honeymoon - and have decided it's now a mandatory to do that at least once each year, instead of a bunch of short vacations!

We're thinking of a trip in December - for my 30th. Originally we were going to have a party of some sort, but now we've got the travel bug. I'd love some ideas for destination ideas around Christmas that aren't over the top expensive!

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RunningNan said...

I just read your comments on FatBridesmaids site... I literally got goosebumps when you said Siam.. I work down the street from there.. on 40th. When I would call for my pick up order, they knew exactly who I was. Is this Nancy! is what they would say. How awesome!